All Kiwi schools get the licence to Chrome

(Last Updated On: November 1, 2018)

Starting today, 1 November, as part of an agreement between Google and the New Zealand Ministry of Education, all state and state-integrated schools across New Zealand will be able to start claiming Ministry funded Chrome Education licences to manage new and existing unmanaged logo.jpg
“The licence allows schools to update any number of Chromebooks (once they are enrolled) – without touching a single one,” said Suan Yeo, Head of Google for Education Australia & New Zealand. “In the simple cloud-based management console, there are over 200 policies that schools can apply to manage their fleet of Chromebooks.”
“It also lets school admins and teachers customise the user experience. This is a handy feature that can automatically load frequently used websites – such as Google Classroom and Khan Academy – on boot-up, as well as adding custom bookmarks, pinning apps and extensions, and blocking distractions.”
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