Solving the case of the missing ‘E’

(Last Updated On: May 6, 2016)

INTERFACE - Issue 70, April 2016 - cover_001It certainly caught a few people’s eyes – even our own printer called to check we hadn’t made a mistake on the cover of the last issue. But no, we hadn’t left off the ‘E’ by mistake. Or changed our name to ‘INTERFAC’.

As you’ll recall, the feature article was on 3D printing. So, we asked our friends at 3D Printing Systems to help create a one-off, 3D-printed masthead. They agreed and we set about 3D printing the letters. We think they came out pretty well … but, to add a twist, we left the ‘E’ off the masthead. Instead, we pictured it still being created in the printer.

Thanks to everyone who commented. It raised questions and received compliments, in equal parts, making it arguably our most talked about cover. It’s a hard act to follow – we hope you like our latest effort with the Raspberry Pi on the cover of the May issue!

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