Refugee’s story becomes school computer game

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2016)

marion's journeyA refugee whose family made a perilous journey across eastern Europe to escape the Nazis has seen her life transformed into an educational computer game.

Students from Glasgow Caledonian University have teamed up with Gathering the Voices, an organisation that collects the stories of survivors who settled in Scotland, to design the game, which is based on the life of Marion Camrass.

Ms Camrass, 84, was born into a wealthy Jewish family in Poland, but was forced to flee in 1939 as the Nazis invaded. She and her parents were captured and detained in a Siberian camp for two years until, upon their release, they travelled on log rafts to modern-day Uzbekistan. Eventually, Ms Camrass landed in Britain and settled in Glasgow.

According to its makers, the computer game, called Marion’s Journey, will present its players with the same tough questions faced by Ms Camrass’s family in the face of adversity.

They will be forced to choose, for example, whether they should escape west from Krakow, stay where they are or try to escape to the east. Each decision will have different consequences.


Source: The Jewish Chronicle

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