Code School study shows how to spot a future programmer

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2015)

code schoolA recent Code School survey offers information on traits in youth that may indicate a future in computer science.

Most programmers find their interest in computer science before age 16 and carry this passion into their professional life, according to a recent survey.

A Code School survey of 2,200 coders and developers reveals some specific traits and tendencies that may predict that a youth has a future career in computer science. The survey polled current coders and software developers and asked them to recount personal traits, tendencies and preferences from their younger years. Code School conducted its survey to explore behaviors in children and teens that correlate to a future in a computer science profession.

The results show that most coders and software developers form hobbies and interests in computers before the age of 16, and their interest carries into their college and professional years. The study also looked at coders’ hobbies, work ethic and academic achievement during their formative years.

We conducted this survey to shine a light on what future coders and developers look like at a young age so we can identify budding computer scientists and cultivate their interests and talents early on,” said Gregg Pollack, founder and CEO of Code School, in a statement. “Understanding and identifying these traits and tendencies is important in helping parents, teachers and professionals prepare kids for potential future careers in the rapidly growing computer science and technology fields.”




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