The tale of N4L and the Raspberry Pi

(Last Updated On: June 19, 2015)

n4l raspberry piThe Raspberry Pi is a new addition to N4L’s Managed Network connection packages and is proving a useful tool to help the company proactively manage your school’s connection in real time.

The Pi is a small computer that gets plugged into the managed router which improves N4L’s ability to remotely identify and troubleshoot any network related issues that may hinder staff and students’ online experience.
The Raspberry Pi assists in three key ways:

  • When you notice an issue the helpdesk can replicate your browsing experience from their desk so they experience the same thing you so, saving you time having to try and describe what’s happening;
  • The team can carry out important diagnostic checks and tests to identify the cause of an issue and, in many cases, resolve the issue remotely with little to no effort from school staff; and
  • We can monitor network activity across all schools to identify trends when something isn’t performing as it should, and proactively work to identify and resolve an issue before schools are aware of it

All schools using the Managed Network will have a Raspberry Pi installed by the end of the year. New schools receive a Pi as part of their transition, and N4L is also progressively rolling them out to schools already connected throughout Term 3.


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