Keep tabs on your tech with SPoT

(Last Updated On: June 13, 2014)

Created by Ruckus, SPoT – short for Smart Positioning Technology – is a cloud-based, Smart Wi-Fi location-based service (LBS) designed to help you keep tab of technology at your school – from tracking devices to monitoring students’ attendance.

It’s the first of its kind and utilises a user positioning technology suite to better pinpoint the location of users, depending on the number and density of access points used. This also gives schools the ability to analyse foot traffic. Any activity that emits a Wi-Fi signal – whether it’s registered on the network or not – it can be tracked. So, for example, anyone carrying a phone with its Wi-Fi enabled would be tracked around the school zone. That means schools can step up their security if need be or track entry/exit points.

Ruckus SPoT includes the following components:

  • SPoT Location Engine — accurately pinpoints in real time a user’s location in any indoor environment
  • SPoT Location Analytics Dashboard — analogous to ‘Google Analytics for the physical world’
  • SPoT Engagement API — a set of APIs to power a new generation of mobile apps, giving them ‘Location Intelligent’ features, such as the ability to locate users and engage or send them highly targeted messages in any venue with Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi installed and Ruckus SPoT enabled

How it works

Ruckus BeamFlex technology is combined with a variety of advanced location techniques such as RSSI trilateration, RTT (round trip time), RF fingerprinting and techniques that take advantage of the constant travelling speed of radio waves and packets.


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