Videos – Issue 57, August 2014

OK Go – The Writing’s On the Wall

Fancy combining maths shapes with music? The video of OK Go’s The Writing’s On the Wall creates a series of spectacular illusions. It’s great to watch – Product Overview

Train your memory and attention with Lumosity Brain Trainer ( Challenge yourself with five games in a daily work out – there are nearly 40 games in total. Track your progress and discover what your brain can do.

What is the Encyclopedia of Life?

Encyclopedia of Life ( is a stunning project that’s working to bring together in one place information on all the planet’s 1.9 million known species. The EOL community aims to increase awareness and understanding of living nature by gathering, generating and sharing. The site includes text, images, video, sounds, maps, classifications and more.

Alfriston College Minecraft Movie 2013

Check out the original work that caught the eye of Auckland Museum. During just three days, thirty Year 9 and 10 students created a 400,000 block Minecraft model of Alfriston College. It’s an impressive production, with some fun moments.

Alfriston College Minecraft Gallipoli Build

TV3 reports on how Alfriston College students are rebuilding Gallipoli in Minecraft with the help of Media Design School and The Auckland War Memorial Museum

Minecraft Gallipoli Alfriston College on the 430 show

Another clip of our college building Gallipoli in Minecraft. It was played on the 430 show on TV 2.

Coggle Tutorial – Introduction

Coggle ( is a simple, easy-to-use tool for creating informative diagrams. It makes for fantastic brainstorms as a class or collaboratively with a group. The branches of each stem twist and shape easily. The results are powerful and can be printed as a PDF or embedded.

Samsung MagicInfo Solution

This video on the Samsung MagicInfo Solution outlines and explains the process of uploading, creating, monitoring and controlling content on multiple screens.

Only want a short segment from a YouTube video? Easily edit videos into bite-size bits with ( Simply select the video you want, pick the specific segment(s) you want to show from it, and then extract (or splice them all together). There are several tutorials that explain how it all works.

Introduction to Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

Check to see if anyone is using your work with Copyscape ( This service provides a free plagiarism checker that will find copies of your web pages online – just enter the url and it will identify if anyone else is using your content. The premium service will also check third party work for plagiarism.

AVerCaster Combo — The Cost-effective Solution for Live TV and Video Streaming

For schools looking for a cost-effective solution to stream content around their network, the AVerCaster is an option. With the multicast function, it can distribute high-definition digital TV and various video contents to an unlimited number of users over the same network simultaneously. And it supports multiple client devices, such as computer and digital signage. Also check it out at

Wix ShoutOut: The Easiest Way to Send Beautiful Newsletters

Looking for a tool to create email newsletters or updates? Created by popular website-creating tool Wix, ShoutOut ( lets you do just that. It’s easy to customise one of the style templates with your own texts, images and video. Enter your contacts and send.

YTO extension for Chrome

There are a few good YouTube ad filters but the one I use is YTO (YouTube Options). You’re able to personalise how you view videos. I use it to turn off all adverts, as well as those annoying suggested video ads that pop up at the end of a video. We’ve used this extension on our school Chromebooks, so that they all no longer show ads or suggested videos.