Minecraft Competition: Winning videos 2023

Here are a selection of the winning videos from this year’s competition.

Primary (Years 1-6)

Little Blue Penguin Aquarium, Cairo Karaitiana and Angus McPhail, Douglas Park School
The Big Blue, Ella Pocklington, Millie Brown, Maddie A’Court, and George Ogle, Paparoa Street School
Brilliantly Armoured, Francisco Ryan-Orr and Loki Che, The Sacred Heart School Epsom

Intermediate (Years 7-8)

Secondary (Years 9+)

The Reef Walkers, Tysen Southey, Arth Patel, Quinn Hewitt, and Conrad Sale, Rathkeale College
The Reef, Michael Wu, Kingsway School

INTERFACE November 2023