Exclusive new Gamefroot Lessons: Coding with JavaScript

Try these lesson ideas for using Gamefroot, and fun and educational way to leaen and coding and game creation.

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Issue 116, February 2023

Coding inputs and outputs with JavaScript

Issue 111, April 2022

Learning game dev is a hop, skip and a jump away!

Issue 110, March 2022

Bring a quote from a famous New Zealander to life.

Issue 109, November 2021

Make your own picture slideshow about 2021.

Issue 108, September 2021

Celebrating Matariki by coding special effects.

Issue 107, August 2021

Where Digital Technologies meets Science.

Issue 106, July 2021

The Great NZ Histories Student Game Design Competition: Part 2

Issue 105, May 2021

The Great NZ Histories Student Game Design Competition!

Issue 104, March 2021

Create a mini game and learn NZ Histories.

INTERFACE April 2022