Wikipedia U: Knowledge, Authority, and Liberal Education in the Digital Age

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(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

By Thomas M Leitch

Since its launch in 2001, Wikipedia has seen more than its fair share of criticism. It has come under particular scrutiny from those who question whether a crowd-sourced resource – in which most entries are subject to potentially endless reviewing and editing by anonymous collaborators whose credentials cannot be established – can ever be accurate or authoritative. In ‘Wikipedia U’, Professor of English Thomas Leitch looks perceptively at the online encyclopaedia’s philosophy of freedom, and argues that the assumptions its critics make about accuracy and authority are themselves open to debate.

Leitch discusses the nature of authority and how it can, and must, evolve and be refined as both society and technology change around us. Various practical aspects of the Wikipedia model are examined in detail. He also explores the learning opportunities presented by Web 2.0 technologies, both as an avenue for academic learning and as the basis for generating debate.

This book is an insightful read about how knowledge is disseminated and when it should be believed.

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Published: October 2014

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