Learning with ‘e’s: Educational Theory and Practice

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By Steve Wheeler

With young people seemingly so well connected with smartphones, computer games and social media, teachers face a big challenge when it comes to technology… or do they? On the back of his popular blog, also named ‘Learning with ‘e’s’, Steve Wheeler shows how educators can take devices that have the potential for great distraction and appropriate them as tools that can inspire and engage.

He explores the practical ways in which technology is influencing how we learn, and looks toward emerging trends to examine what the future of learning may look like. Subjects covered include: Learning with technology; Theories for the digital age; Digital literacies; Pedagogical theories and practices; New and emerging technologies; New learning architectures; Changing education; and Global educators

Throughout the book, he discusses issues such as curriculum, assessment, mobile learning, and personal learning, and makes suggestions on how to make a positive difference through technology. With passion and academic reason in equal measure, Wheeler’s words will go a long way towards helping you make sense of the impact of technology on teaching and learning.

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Published: February 2015

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