JavaScript for Kids: A Playful Introduction to Programming

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(Last Updated On: December 11, 2017)

By Nick Morgan

JavaScript for Kids is a fun, easy-to-understand introduction for teachers and students aged 10+ to JavaScript, the programming language of the Internet.

This book’s light-hearted approach teaches programming essentials through patient, step-by-step examples combined with amusing illustrations. You’ll begin with the basics, like working with strings, arrays, and loops, and then move on to more advanced topics, like building interactivity with jQuery and drawing graphics with Canvas. Along the way, you’ll write games, such as Find the Buried Treasure, Hangman, and Snake.

You’ll also learn how to create functions to organise and reuse your code, write and modify HTML, program real user-controlled games with collision detection and score keeping, and more.

With visual examples like bouncing balls, animated bees, and racing cars, you can really see what you’re programming. Each chapter builds on the last, and programming challenges at the end of each chapter will stretch your brain and inspire you to make your own amazing programs.

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Published: January 2015

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