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Using the Cloud to Individualize Instruction

By Kenneth P. Halla

Whether you’re savvy with your tech or just getting started, this is a detailed, must-read book for understanding how cloud-based tools can facilitate learning.

Teacher – and well-regarded education blogger – Halla explains how to implement new, online technology tools to create a self-paced, learner-centred classroom. He goes through strategies for leveraging the cloud to ensure that students have access to an individualised, personalised education. Plus, the book ably provides, real-life case studies and activities that will make applying the book’s strategies to your classroom not only enjoyable but also achievable.

Cloud-stored data that can be entered, changed, and accessed anywhere is a development full of potential for today’s classroom. This publication is the all-in-one resource you need to be sure you and your students reap the fullest rewards from cloud-based developments.

This is a great book and a great read for all educators that offers a simple and practical guide to classroom tools in the cloud.

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Published: July 2015

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