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Students leaving ‘dark ages’ for cyberspace

New Zealand students will move out of “the dark ages” and complete experimental NCEA assessments online this year. The Qualifications Authority will test an online NCEA level one mathematics test at 20 schools in September. Its deputy chief executive, Richard Thornton, said the pilot was an online version […]

Gigaschools Video Competition

Organised by Chorus, the Gigaschools Video Competition challenges your students to create a video showing what they think learning will be like in the connected schools in Gigatown. There are two age groups – Junior (Years 1 – 8) and Senior (Years 9 – 13) – and some […]

Previewing a new Classroom

As a former high school math teacher, I know all too well that teachers spend a ton of valuable time doing things other than teaching—waking up early to grade quizzes, collecting and returning piles of paper assignments, and battling copy machine paper jams. But with today’s technology it […]

What’s best – a regular camera or smartphone?

Teachers and students are increasingly using smartphones and tablets in the classroom – and with them comes a snazzy built-in camera. It begs the question, do schools still need to invest in a regular camera? Jenny Barrett investigates. How important is image quality? Phones and tablets do not […]

Teachers design app for tracking students

Three Taranaki teachers had a dream to design software that they could use every day in their classrooms to make teaching easier. The result is appT. No more files and folders. No more moving between paper, cameras, computers, and school management systems. Just you, your class and an […]

Looking for new ways to search

Sixty per cent of all Internet searches are made on Google – its nearest rival Yahoo! only attracts 14 per cent and Microsoft a paltry four per cent. Google is king … but for how long? INTERFACE Editor Greg Adams investigates. To Google or not to Google? For […]