About Aurasma

aurasma-logoAurasma (aurasma.com)

With Aurasma, an ‘aura’ can be created for every image and object. These can be almost anything, from a simple photo with text or video with a web link, to complex 3D animations. Make and load your aura. When others using the app view real world images that are tagged with auras, the information is overlaid and can be viewed through their device’s camera. Wherever you spot Aurasma’s ‘A’ symbol, there’s an aura for you to discover.



Join Aurasma

Create your Aurasma account at aurasma.com. Once you’ve set up your account you;re free to create your own Auras. To view others’ Auras, you need the ‘Username’. Search for this and select follow to view their Auras.

To follow INTERFACE’s Auras, search for and follow interfacemag


Get the Aurasma app

You can download the Aurasma app at





More videos on using Aurasma