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Have you used Near Field Communication (NFC) technology? Have you even heard of NFC?

It’s an application of RFID – the wireless technology shops use to stop shoplifting (amongst other things) – that’s being used to communicate with NFC capable smartphones. Unlike most RFID, however, NFC deliberately limits its range to just a few centimetres, so for the information to be passed, devices have to be placed on or very near to an NFD tag. Almost anything can be transmitted, such as website address or an instruction for a phone to be switched to silent mode. Its use is still relatively new but it looks to have plenty of potential uses in the classroom.

Would you like to give it a try? We have a ‘launcher pack’ to give away. It contains 18 NFC tags in six different colours. They have 137 bytes of usable memory, which is more than enough for most web addresses and simple tasks, and are suitable for Android, Windows and Blackberry devices that are NFC capable.

Answer the question and enter your details below. All correct answers will go into the draw to win the launcher pack.

Entries close Wednesday 23 April.

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