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Issue 64, July 2015 – videos


Box Overview – The Way Tomorrow Works

With Box (, you can store all kinds of files online – presentations, documents, photos and videos – there’s up to 10GB of free storage. Sync and manage your files on your desktop, via the web, or through an app for your mobile device.




Access a number of online sharing and storage options, through your browser and an Android app with Uploaded ( The basic, free service offers 2GB for six months, file management, passwords, private/public settings, and remote and direct upload.


Kidsedchatnz Lists

Watch how to subscribe and participate in Kidsechatnz. Find out more on the blog at


Getting Started with Storyboard That

Storyboard That ( enables users to create visual storyboards using a comic strip format. This quick and fun video will teach you how to start using the Storyboard That storyboard creator! Learn how to drag, drop, upload, flip, pose and more.


Hail — Create. Curate. Communicate.

Hail ( is a tool for creating, publishing and sharing content. Logan Park High School in Dunedin is an early adopter and has seen engagement from families, students and the community skyrocket — all while saving time, money and the environment.


What is Deekit?

Collaborate online with Deekit ( This browser-based whiteboard provides an unlimited canvas for you and your students to create, edit and share content, together in real time. You can draw, add text and items, move things around, change colours and sizes – all the options you’d expect – plus invite others to a board.


Quizizz Walkthrough

Quizizz ( lets you create multi-player quizzes, as well as access ones that others have made. Share the link with students and once they’re all logged in press ‘start’. They answer within a specified time. Watch the results and, at the end of the quiz, the class can see how they compared to each other.


Expeditions: Take your students to places a school bus can’t

Google’s new ‘Expeditions’ looks like a great way to take your students on virtual field trips. Basically, you can choose locations from around the world using an iPad and then send synchronised 3D, 360-degree panoramas to a ‘Cardboard viewer’, pointing out areas of interest in real-time and pausing if needed. A video explains it all.


‘Web Rangers’ for a safer web

Two of New Zealand’s brightest social media stars are backing a programme to help teenagers create their own campaigns to encourage better online behaviour.

Caito Potatoe and Liam WaveRider have both thrown their support behind Web Rangers, a NetSafe, Sticks ‘n Stones, and Google initiative that challenges teens to create their own nationwide campaign encouraging better internet behaviour, leading to a safer online environment.

Find out more at


Introducing Microsoft Edge: The New Windows 10 Browser

“Microsoft Edge is the all-new Windows 10 browser built to give you a better web experience. Write directly on webpages and share your mark-ups with others. Read online articles free of distraction or use the reading list feature for saving your favorite reads for later access. Microsoft Edge is the new browser that works the way you do.”


LEGO Worlds

Meet LEGO Worlds (, the building-brick company’s answer to Minecraft. It’s an open environment made of LEGO bricks that you can freely manipulate and populate with LEGO vehicles and buildings. Explore and unlock treasures that enhance the gameplay.



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