Videos – Issue 78, April 2017

Throughout the magazines, wherever we come across a video that’s about or relevant to a resource we’re featuring, here’s where we’ll post the link. Just click and watch!

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How to project from a Chromebook

Epson’s iProjection App for Chromebook is now available, enabling students and teachers to wirelessly display content from Chromebooks on Epson projectors. When used in conjunction with Epson Multi-PC Projection with Moderator function, the new app gives teachers the ability to display up to four Chromebook computers simultaneously. They can choose these from a maximum of 50 connected devices.

All That We Share

We live in a time where we quickly put people in boxes. The truth is that maybe we have more in common than what we think. From Denmark’s TV2, ‘All That We Share’ is a simple but effective advert that will challenge you to step outside your defining box.

Introduction to History in Motion

Create historical scenarios, animate events and explore timelines in a whole new way with History in Motion. Select the beginning and ending points, fill in the events, images, and videos, edit and share. Video tutorials are available for each step.

English Pronunciation – The Chaos by Dr Gerard Nolst Trenité 

How’s your pronunciation? The Chaos is a poem demonstrating the irregularity of English spelling and the way we say words. Written by Dutch writer Gerard Nolst Trenité (1870–1946), it includes about 800 examples of irregular spelling. Give it a go.

Thought Plan Trailer 

We all have things to write down and ideas to organise. But how? Let Thought Plan plan projects, organise your thoughts and store simple documents. Just add a title, then begin creating a list of ideas, items and actions.

NowComment: Educational Uses of Online Discussion 

NowComment is a group collaboration app for the discussion and annotation of online documents. It works with HTML web content, and Word and PDF files. Double-click any text or image to start a new conversation. Click the speech bubble icon to see existing comments and ‘Reply’ to join in.

Rolling Sky

Rolling Sky is a challenging and interesting game that tests your speed and reactions. Control the ball and drag it left or right to avoid traps and barriers Do not deviate from track!

Toontastic 3D 

From Google, Toontastic 3D lets you draw, animate, and narrate your own cartoons. It’s as easy as play. Just move your characters around, and tell your story. The app will record as a 3D video.

A brief history of numerical systems

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9… and 0. With just these ten symbols, we can write any rational number imaginable. But why these particular symbols? Why ten of them? And why do we arrange them the way we do? Alessandra King gives a brief history of numerical systems.

How to practice effectively … for just about anything

Mastering any physical skill takes practice. Practice is the repetition of an action with the goal of improvement, and it helps us perform with more ease, speed, and confidence. But what does practice actually do to make us better at things? Annie Bosler and Don Greene explain.

How super glue was invented

Today, super glue is a nearly indispensable household item – but its incredibly sticky nature almost caused it to be abandoned in the development phase … twice. Jessica Oreck shares the wartime origins of this sticky substance.

Can you solve the three gods riddle?

You and your team have crash-landed on an ancient planet. Can you appease the three alien overlords who rule it and get your team safely home? Created by logician Raymond Smullyan, this riddle has been called the hardest logic puzzle ever. Alex Gendler shows how to solve it.