Videos – Issue 69, February 2016

Throughout the magazines, wherever we come across a video that’s about or relevant to a resource we’re featuring, here’s where we’ll post the link. Just click and watch!

Sharing resources with CC Pukeko

Entitled ‘CC Pukeko’, Creative Commons Aotearoa New Zealand has created a new animated video on the implementation and use of Creative Commons in schools. To find out more about Creative Commons in New Zealand go to


Meet the Pi Zero

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has announced a new addition to its family of microprocessors, Pi Zero. Half the size of a Model A+, it comes with a 1Ghz core chip, 512MB of RAM, plus a micro-SD card slot, a mini-HDMI and two micro-USB port – and priced at just US$5.


Minecraft launches education edition

An ‘Education Edition’ of Minecraft is being launched by Microsoft. The product is a customised version of the original and will offer teachers new ways to use the world-building video game in a range of subjects. More at


Underwater data centres

It sounds like something Jules Verne could have come up with – but it really is fact not fiction. Code-named Project Natick, Microsoft is researching the manufacture and operation of underwater data centres. Late last year, it tested a prototype of a self-contained data center that can operate hundreds of feet below the surface of the ocean. One considerable benefit of going underwater is eliminating one of the technology industry’s most expensive problems: the air-conditioning bill.

More information at


Show gizmo: How to use our event app

We’ll be using ShowGizmo to communicate with delegates at INTERFACe Xpo in 2016. Take a short tour of this event app and learn how to log in and use some key features.


My Kete – Charles Leota

Physical education teacher Charles Leota, of Otumoetai College, has been awarded an AMP Scholarship for his creation of ‘My Kete’, which helps dyslexic students submit their NCEA exams. One in 10 New Zealanders is affected by dyslexia, including 70,000 school children. Learning can be daunting and challenging for these students, so this Tauranga teacher has developed an app to improve the way they approach exams.


Audiotool – Online Music Workstation

AudioTool is a beat-making app. It has a simple interface and enables you create creative and complex audio arrangements with more than 14 effects.


Quizizz Walkthrough

Quizizz is a free multiplayer quiz game for the classroom, check it out at

“This website is easy to use and navigate around. It’s good because anyone can use it. One thing it could improve is the time limit. I have found that when I’m making a quiz it will say that the time has run out and I have to start it again. That can be annoying, especially when you have to make a long quiz and when the time runs out start it all again. A positive about the site is that it’s easy to access it.”

Rebekah B


Meccanoid G15 Personal Robot

The Meccanoid G15 features Meccano’s latest innovations in robotics. Built by you using 600 pieces, this two-foot tall programmable robot has four servo motors for movement and a built-in ‘Meccabrain’ to learn movements and record/play back sounds. Programming is easy and intuitive – there are no special skills required. Plus, with voice recognition capabilities and pre-programmed phrases and comments, it can tell jokes and play games.



My class and I decided to make a robot from an Arduino Uno Microprocessor. After some investigation, one of the students suggested that since our rubbish bin looks a lot like Star Wars droid R2D2, so we decided we would make that into our robot. It involved researching, working out costs, teamwork, co-operation and communication skills in order to carry it out.

The idea of a practical programmed rubbish bin, using a micro-switch in the lid was highly motivational to the students. We had some very limited experience with Arduino, making lights flash, operating a push button and this seemed like the next logical step.  

Leigh Harvey

Wanganui Intermediate School


Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard

Explain Everything is an easy-to-use design, screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. Create slides, draw in any colour, add shapes, add text, pictures and videos, use a laser pointer. Rotate, move and arrange any object added to the stage. Record and playback your screencast.

Explainer Video for Poll Deep

Easily create polls with Poll Deep The dashboard lets you set and manage the questions, tailor the look to suit your style, and analyse the results. Embed in your website or blog. The free option offers unlimited polls and up to 500 votes.

More at


The Learnia – Using the whiteboard

Plan, Record. Share. The Learnia looks like a great way to make interactive video lessons. Create your slides, and record your voice and any annotations. You can pause at any time. Once you’re done, press the save button. Name your lesson and share.

More at