Videos – Issue 68, December 2015

Throughout the magazines, wherever we come across a video that’s about or relevant to a resource we’re featuring, here’s where we’ll post the link. Just click and watch!

Plotagon for beginners – Plotagon Tutorial

For an easy-to-use animation tool that provides some great results, you can’t go wrong with Plotagon. Just write the story, choose the location and character(s), and add actions and effects. It converts the text and instructions to speech and actions in a matter of seconds. The basic package comes with plenty of options – you can also upgrade to more. The finished animations look fantastic and could be a fun and novel way to practise a number of skills, from writing and story-telling, to editing and presenting.

Knewton Adaptive Learning Platform – Tutorial Video

Adaptive Learning Platform Knewton is a digital textbook. It uses advanced data analytics to learn what users want and create highly individualised content to match, that can be organised and monitored as a kind of virtual classroom. “Think of it as a friendly robot tutor in the sky,” said founder Jose Ferreira. “It plucks the perfect bits of content for you from the cloud and assembles them according to the ideal learning strategy for you.” Users can upload their own content to the platform, as well.

Quizalize Introduction Video

Run fun and engaging quiz games in class with Quizalize. Create, save and organise your quizzes – they can be multiple choice, single answer, with or without images, and more – then share with students. It looks suitable for use in most subjects and provides data and feedback on students, so you can assess their learning outcomes.

Jukedeck – How It Works

Customise, create and download unique, royalty-free soundtracks for your videos, games and anything else that needs a soundtrack with Jukedeck ( Dubbed ‘responsive music software’, it composes music autonomously, writing the music note by note, as a composer would. Just request access.

What is Deekit?

Deekit is a browser-based ‘visual collaboration tool’ or, in other words, an online whiteboard. You can import images, draw, and type content on the virtual board, as well as zoom in using the site’s tools. It’s easy to use. You simply email invites to others to join and work with you in real time. Animated Intro

Finding it hard to keep track of ideas, links, info, websites, resources, tweets, and the like? Hypothesis ( is more than a creative url, it’s a neat-looking online tool to annotate webpages. Use it to discuss and collaborate on resources, organise and share your research, or simply take personal notes.

Tinkercad Tutorial Video

Whether you’re a beginner or more experienced user, Tinkercad ( is an online app that anyone can use to create and print 3D models. You can work your way through levelled tutorials, called Quests, with each new stage incorporating a different skillset; take someone else’s shared design to tinker with or simply start from fresh.

Welcome to Twoople

Meet Twoople a revolutionary online engagement tool that will change the way people communicate. It’s easy to use and connects people using a unique URL that can be interpreted by any internet-ready device, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops or desktops.

Why is it different than any other chat app?

– Twoople is an effective communication tool even if only one person is registered because anyone can chat with that Twoople user.
– It doesn’t rely on a network of friends: users simply share their Twoople address.
– Twoople uses a URL to connect people — a URL that can be interpreted on any internet-ready device just by clicking it.