Videos – Issue 66, September 2015

Throughout the magazines, wherever we come across a video that’s about or relevant to a resource we’re featuring, here’s where we’ll post the link. Just click and watch!

Lure of the Labyrinth

Developed by the Education Arcade, Lure of the Labyrinth ( is in online game that uses a compelling graphic novel storyline – involving finding a lost pet and saving the world from monsters – to engage middle grades students in mathematical thinking and problem-solving.

Focus to Fly, Tilt to Steer (Puzzlebox Orbit)

This video demonstrates a Puzzlebox Orbit brain-controlled helicopter being flow while “Tilt Steering” is enabled, with the “Throttle Only” option. The user’s level of focus is measured via EEG. While their target level is maintained, the Orbit will hover. The height of the Orbit is controlled by tilting the tablet forward and backward.

Making a Video Game Part One: Gamefroot

Gamefroot ( is an extremely easy-to-use online game development tool – and created right here in New Zealand. It’s entirely browser based and there’s no need to know code. Instead, a simple drag-and-drop system lets you create your game world.

Classroom Jeopardy SuperTeacherTools 2014 Tutorial

Super Teacher Tools ( is a collection of tools for use in the classroom that includes games like Jeopardy, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, and Speed Match. They are very easy to set up and use. There’s also a timer and countdown.

This is eQuizShow

Create online quizzes with eQuiz Show ( – or choose from a stack of quizzes that others have already made. Categories include maths, history, science, and sports.

Journey Into the Arctic – The Atlantic

Journey into the Arctic is a choose-your-own-adventure series of videos about the search for the Northwest Passage. Made by Canadian Heritage, the series of videos places you as an explorer leaving England in the 19th Century. At the end of each, you have to make decisions about navigation and logistical concerns to continue your journey.

INNOV8 2.0 Trailer

Innov8 ( is a simulation game from IBM that challenges players to sharpen and showcase their business skills with three different scenarios focusing on smarter traffic, smarter customer service, and smarter supply chains.


LINC-ED ( is a communication tool for teachers to more easily manage and prepare student reports, and then share them with parents.

Windows 10 Highlights Reel

This video provides a quick introduction the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system, Windows 10.

Phone Companion App for Windows 10

Learn about the new Phone Companion app. Built-in to Windows 10, Phone Companion will help you connect your Windows PC to whatever phone you own– whether it’s a Windows phone, Android phone, or iPhone. Access your files, content and even Cortana from your PC or phone.

Official Voki Tutorial: How to Create and Publish Your Voki

Voki ( are great speaking and customisable avatars. Select a character from one of many styles (such as Classic, Animals, and Oddballs), customise the look, clothing and accessories, record and add your voice, choose the background, and publish.

How to add an Instagram photo gallery widget to your website or blog

SnapWidget allows you to display your Instagram photo gallery on your website or blog using an easily customizsable and embeddable widget.

Flipgrid is simple

Flipgrid ( is a simple, fun and effective tool. Essentially, teachers create short, discussion-style questions to share with students – who then respond with recorded video answers.

First build a grid, a group people that will be asked questions around a common theme. Each can hold an unlimited number of questions, and each question can hold an unlimited number of user-recorded video responses.

15 Years of LEGO Mindstorms

LEGO Mindstorms ( is a robotics system that’s widely used in education. The official site has most things you need to know about the EV3 product and how it works. It has video tutorials, advice and support, a gallery, games, and downloads. LEGO Engineering ( also provides resources for teaching with LEGO materials.

Animated map shows how religion spread around the world

Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam are five of the biggest religions. World Religion shows how they have spread around the globe during the last few thousand years, shaping the course of history and influencing regions in their paths.

Audiotool Basics

From right in your browser, make and publish your own music with online production studio Audiotool ( Or just browse and enjoy what others have produced. There’s a library of tutorials that explain how everything works.

Star Wars App Trailer

Star Wars App ( is your official mobile connection to a galaxy far, far away. Keep up with breaking news and trivia, join in with social updates, and take part in interactive features, activities and games.

Agent Alice: A Hidden Object Adventure

Join Special Agent Alice ( in this hidden object adventure game. Spot clues and use your skill to reveal the truth behind crimes, romances, relationships and even deeper mysteries. New episodes every week.

Share your best ideas with Corkboard

From images to web pages, lists to notes, store and share all sorts of information with Corkboard ( It’s a digital version of a traditional corkboard – you just pin virtual items instead of real ones. Create as many boards as you want; keep private or share and invite others to add to the board.

Clash Audio Experiment

Have some fun with audio messages with Clash ( Simply type in what you want to say, then the site will create it using words taken from movies and TV, music, YouTube, historic speeches, and others. Listen, edit, swap sources and save/share when you’re done.

Introduction to History in Motion

Created and share multimedia timelines with History in Motion ( Tie together text, images, video, audio, historical maps, and animation into animated historical stories. Select start and end points, and fill in the events in between. Video tutorials are available for each step.

Choosito! search and learn

Worried about what your students might find online? Choosito ( is a search engine that offers safe access to the internet through reading level and subject area filters. Limit searches to Choosito’s Library, your collections, or Choosito Web. There’s a guide to get you started.