Videos – Issue 61, February 2015

Smash Hit – Official Trailer

Journey through an otherworldly dimension, move with sound and music … and smash everything in your path! Smash Hit ( requires focus and timing to travel as far as you can in the game.

Todoist: A To-Do List for Life’s Every Moment

Got things to remember not to forget? Todoist ( is a ‘to-do list’ app. Organise, manage and sync events, meetings, activities, assignments, daily tasks and chores, shopping lists, and more.

Aurasma Overview

Aurasma ( is an augmented reality app that allows any object or picture to become a marker, or ‘Aura’. When this is viewed through the Aurasma app on a device’s camera it will trigger a video to play or a web link to activate.

colAR Mix Trailer

Just colour in pre-made designs and use your device’s camera to scan the picture. Viewing through the ColAR app (, the picture will then ‘come to life’ on your screen, with digital animations and sounds that the developer has embedded. Each colouring page does something a little different.

Space Rip

For some of the best space and astronomy videos on the web try Space Rip. From interstellar space to black holes to Earth-like planets, there’s plenty to watch and explore. Simply select one and go on your very own cosmic journey.

MSNBC – Banished Word List

Twerking. Twittersphere. Selfie. What are the most annoying words? LSSU has released its annual ‘List of Words to be Banished from the Queen’s English for Misuse, Overuse and General Uselessness’ ( It’s an interesting look at new words, with annual lists going back to 1976.

Grammaropolis for Schools and Districts

Grammaropolis ( is an engaging, interactive site that helps students learn about grammar. It uses the parts of speech as animated characters to show how a sentence is put together. They star in a range of stories, songs, quizzes, videos, and games. To get you started, ‘Nouns’ are free.

Hay Levels

Hay Levels is a new video library in the UK that looks interesting. Designed for ‘A-Level’ students, its three-minute videos are divided in three areas: Humanities, Sciences and Social Sciences. Browse the catalogue for videos you like or subscribe by subject, so get to see them as soon as they’re posted.

New ‘Minecraft Blockopedia’ details every block 

Learn more about Minecraft Blockopedia, an encyclopaedia of information about the game, trivia, advice, and ideas. Includes 1.8 Update

Skype Translator preview opens the classroom to the world

Microsoft is working on a real-time Skype translation tool – and you can preview it right now. The idea is you simply set up a Skype video or voice call, start talking and Translator ( does the rest. It’s currently available in English and Spanish – and schools in the US and Mexico have been trying it out. More languages are coming soon.

Light bouncing off a mirror at 100 billion frames per second

If you thought taking action photos was tough spare a thought for scientists at Washington University. In order to track light they’ve come up with the world’s fastest high-speed camera. Using a technique called Compressed Ultrafast Photography (CUP), it records at 100 billion frames per second!