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Issue 53 – Term 1, Feb 2014

Missing an issue? Back copies of INTERFACE are available for just $4.60 each for orders in New Zealand. (Overseas rates available on request.)   Click here to place and order. DESIGNS ON GREEN LEARNING Schoolgen’s Mean Green House Design Competition is running again this year.EXAMINING AND SHAPING OUR […]

Be careful what your students leave behind

Be careful what your students leave behind How anonymous are your students when they go online? How private is their activity and the information it generates? Can you ensure their personal data is free from unwanted surveillance? David Kinane explores the challenges of privacy. As teachers, we have […]

Finding the energy to switch devices off

How ‘green’ is the electrical consumption by ICT equipment at your school? David Kinane investigates how to save power and why schools should kick the ‘stand by’ culture. Getting computers, digital cameras, printers, scanners, mobile phones, etc., has an initial up-front cost impact for all schools. Once purchased, […]

What happens when your tech whiz leaves?

Principals need to build a sustainable e-learning model in their school that can cope with the vagaries of staff turnover, writes David Kinane. ICT knowledge and skills are assets and I’m always telling schools that they need to plan for e-learning sustainability. If they’re not properly planned for […]

Focus your e-learning with digital cameras

Familiarity breeds contempt, so the saying goes. However, when it comes to technology in the classroom, familiarity can be your secret weapon for successful e-learning integration, writes David Kinane. In my role as an ICT facilitator in schools I often work with those who are unsure how using […]

Unleash the games console in your classroom

Why are computer games popular and is there something here for teachers and schools to learn from and exploit? David Kinane investigates. In the enlightened 70s, comics (especially those American ones with superheroes) were sniffed at by those in the know as a poor substitute for reading; yet […]

Securing your software future

Deal or no deal? Whatever ends up happening with the Microsoft Schools Agreement, now’s the time to take control of your software, writes Greg Adams. “Before the Microsoft Schools Agreement, my ICT expansion policies were determined by the cost of licensing the software on the computers in my […]

Issue 11 – Term 4, Oct 2008

Who will win the INTERFACE Awards 2008? We’re offering you the chance to decide. Your vote counts – so make sure you check out the finalists and have your say.Nothing artificial about Robocup’s success Results and images from Robocup Junior New Zealand 2008. Young M?ori rock with robotic dance […]