Best 3D Printing Project – Finalist: Nickolas Bouterey, 3D Sculpting


Name: Nickolas Bouterey

School: Waitara High School, Taranaki

3D Printing Project: 3D Sculpting

Describe the 3D printing project that you want to be considered for the award?

Students research, conceptualise and Sculpt characters in 3D. They then submit a final and as peers we vote for the top 3 which then are printed and put on display at the school.

Why did you choose to use this activity?

The previous project prior to 3D sculpting was met with disengagement from year 10. We had a 3d printer on site being under utilised and saw it as an opportunity to potentially raise engagement in a creative project for this class.

How did you implement and use it?

We start off by learning the tools and freeform mucking about. This helps get the students oriented to the 3D environment and also learn what each of the tools do. We have conversations about the tools and what kind of forms they can make. Part of this is to aid in the research component when they need to start identifying distinct unique shapes and form. Following the research, the students create three drawn concepts. Students then create three sculptures based on their concepts and document evidence along the way. The sculpted concepts capture basic shapes and forms and aren’t necessarily fully detailed. Students evaluate and choose one to further refine with detail and take through to completion. Completion includes the use of the painting tools to further develop the character. Recently we have included painting with textures. To conclude the project, all student work is presented on the projector and the class votes for the top three. Those sculptures are printed in 3D. Their work then goes on display in the school

What outcomes has it achieved for you and your class?

I have bought in an area I am passionate about. Student voice feedback has indicated that this project was preferred over all other projects. The quality of outcomes indicate a higher engagement. We have noticed compared to last year’s Flash based project, the non-academic students have been thriving in the practical sculpting outcome of this project. And twice now at least one of the non-academic students each time have succeeded in getting their sculpture voted for and printed. The students are investing themselves more into this kind of project and next year we will see whether there is an increase in numbers for NCEA Lv1 Digital Technologies

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