Best Digital Resource – Finalist: Monique Roser, Students’ Skill Tutorial Videos


Name: Monique Roser

School: Bethlehem College, Tauranga

Digital resource: Students’ Skill Tutorial Videos

Describe the digital resource that you want to be considered for the award:

Visual and instructional videos (of usually no more than 3 minutes) accompanied by written text, showcasing a skill that the individual students have a particular talent in (or have mastered), uploaded to a class video channel, in order to teach other students how to navigate and learn the particular skill.

Why did you choose to set up this resource?

After engaging in conversation with my Year 8 students, I realised many of them had hidden talents/skills that would be of interest to other students, yet because they only socialised in certain circles, many were unaware of their peers’ ability, such skills included: solving a rubrics cube, doing a hand spring cartwheel, sign language, painting etc. I wanted the students to create an instructional tutorial video, complete with instructional text (on the movie) in a engaging and exciting way so that others may learn their skill from watching their movies. Not only did the students get to choose to showcase something they were interested in, it also developed their instructional writing and movie making skills, as well as their confidence, by allowing them to take ownership of their learning and in being responsible by teaching others.

How do you operate and manage the resource?

As each student had their own iPad and a school Microsoft 365 account, the videos were made using iMovie and were uploaded by the students to a private classroom channel using ‘Video’. Only students from the class were able to upload and access the channel to view both their own and their classroom peers’ videos.

What outcomes has it achieved for you and your class?

The outcomes from this activity far exceeded my expectations. Because the students were able to showcase and write instructional text around a skill of their choice, they were engaged and motivated throughout the entire writing, videoing, editing, uploading and viewing/evaluating process. In particular, quite a few of the students who had struggled with writing throughout the year, were the most engaged as they found the activity purposeful and relevant to themselves and for others. Overall, the whole process of writing, creating, showcasing and learning newfound skills from others was a grand achievement for many, and a most enjoyable one.

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