Issue 113, July 2022

Should you be enjoying more green screen time? What are five ways you can keep cyber nasties out of your school?

Find out about these and much more with the latest digital copy of INTERFACE Magazine.


Cyber criminals don’t care if you’re busy or distracted or not quite up to speed on security – if they get into your school, they can wreak havoc. That’s why the Ministry’s new Cyber Security in School team has launched its ‘Say No to Cyber Nasties’ campaign and has five tips to help you keep your school safe.

Green screening is becoming an increasingly popular and accessible learning activity. We discover how it’s producing awesome results in classrooms. Motion motion animation offers some tasty results and Otago schools enter the Metaverse. Plus, we review INTERFACEXpo 2022 … and ask you to tell us where to go in 2023!

Also, our Minecraft competitions close soon. There’s still time to enter. Get your videos to us by the end of Term 2, Friday 8 July.

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