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• Merry christmas and best wishes for 2015!
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• InterfaceXpo registrations open 13 February
• Heads up for student competitions
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interface awards 2014
Meet this year’s winners! 


• All the latest e-learning news and views
• MADE Awards 2014 – Oh, what a night!
• Meet out Minecraft winners

Minecraft masterpieces

We received a huge number of fantastic entries. We were blown away with the high standards. Well done to you all. Check out a selection of the designs.


In search of the right iChromeNetTabBookPad

Choosing the right device to meet teaching and learning needs in a modern learning environment can be a challenge. There are a range of options, each with its merits.


Exploring the Galaxy develops digital literacy

Autism expert Craig Smith visited New Zealand recently to promote the use of Apple’s iPad in the teaching of children with the learning disorder. He believes the device is making a world of difference for them.


What technology will you welcome to your classroom in 2015?
It’s the time of year for reflection and prediction. Where’s technology heading? What trends can you expect to see in e-learning next year?


Robotics leads to ‘expert’ recognition
Te Aroha College’s Troy Smith is one of 12 New Zealand teachers accepted as a Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert for 2015. Next year he will be working to implement 21st Century learning with partner schools.


Learning to be wise with your bike
You can support students to become involved in cycling at school by checking out resources at the Bike Wise ‘10 for Teachers’.

Focusing on the future of learning
Schools committed to meeting the needs of today’s learners are finding the answer in Schoology. It’s a new breed of LMS that more than meets the Future Focused Learning recommendations of the Ministry’s 21st Century Reference Group.

Appropriate apps for advanced maths

There are plenty of maths apps on the market.Elizabeth Acosta, Nicky Roper, and Michael Towler decided to put some to the test and share what they learned.

Fileshare – Six pages of online resources 

• 65 free tools and apps  • Wideo
• Quiz creators • Most popular search engines
• Cricket World Cup 2015 • Learning about Ebola
• 6 great mobile apps


four great Lesson ideas

• 3D print artefacts from the British Museum
• Maths talks to blow you mind • Little Alchemy
• Christmas broadcast

In the sandbox 

How are other educators bringing technology into their classrooms? INTERFACE talks to teachers at Lincoln Primary School, about their favourite tech tools.

Instagram guide aims to help educators 

Instagram has chosen New Zealand to pilot a guide for safely using its service. Launched last month in partnership with NetSafe, the photo-sharing social network is now seeking feedback from educators.


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