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The-game-believes-in-you_finalGame Believes in You: How Digital Play Can Make Our Kids Smarter

By Greg Toppo

What if schools thrummed with the sounds of deep immersion? More and more people believe that can happen … with the aid of video games. Greg Toppo presents the story of a small group of visionaries who, for the past 40 years, have been pushing to get game controllers into the hands of learners. Among the game revolutionaries you’ll meet in this book are a music instructor who’s leading a group of high school-aged boys through the creation of an original opera staged totally in the online game Minecraft and a neuroscientist and game designer teaching maths to students with limited English abilities.

Experts argue that games do truly ‘believe in you’. They focus, inspire and reassure people in ways that many teachers can’t. Games give people a chance to learn at their own pace, take risks, cultivate deeper understanding, fail and want to try again-right away-and ultimately, succeed in ways that too often elude them in school. This book is sure to excite and inspire educators and parents, as well as provoke some passionate debate.

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Published: May 2015




Minecraft in the Classroom: Ideas, Inspiration, and Student Projects for Teachers

By Colin Gallagher

Whether you’re new to Minecraft or want to take your use of it to a new level, flipping through the pages of ‘Minecraft in the Classroom: Ideas, Inspiration, and Student Projects for Teachers’ will be an enlightening read.

Why use Minecraft? Gallagher starts by reflecting on reasons for using it: collaboration and creativity, leadership and fun. Learn about MinecraftEdu, how to set up and manage it, and how to use its teacher controls. You’ll also find detailed instructions for setting up and running a Minecraft server in the classroom.

The heart of the book investigates how other educators are using the program as a tool to engage students across a range of subjects, like maths, science, languages, and special needs. Ten teachers share specific classroom projects, which include a summary, learning objectives, getting started, project organisation and tasks, and ideas for reflection and assessments.

The last part of the book speculates about the future of Minecraft in education, from computer programming to 3D printing, as well as offering lesson ideas and further resources to explore.

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Published: October 2014




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